The Fleet

We have a wide range of vehicles from motorbikes, vans, 7.5 tonne and articulated lorries.

Vehicle capacities are shown in the table below.

Small Van Transit SWB Transit MWB Transit LWB 7.5 Curtain 18t Curtain Artic Trailer (standard)
Max carry weight 500kg 1000kg 1200kg 1400kg 2300kg 10000kg 26000kg
Loadspace Volume 32.24m 48.75m 77.76m
Loadfloor Length 1.50m 2.40m 3.00m 4.00m 5.60m 7.50m 13.50m
Loadfloor Width 1.00m 1.25m 1.25m 1.27m 2.45m 2.45m 2.45m
Sidbar Loading
(curtains only)
Height 1.10m 1.20m 1.75m 1.85m 2.20m 2.20m 2.20m
Length 5.00m 7.00m 12.00m
Pallet Capacity
Standard (1200 x 1000) 1 2 3 4 10 14 26
Euro (800 x 1000) 14 18 32